The Mental Spinach Project

We’ve created a pocketbook and series of workshops designed to inspire you and your team. Best of all, it’s all for a good cause. Click on the pictures below to learn more.

The Book

When facing a challenging situation or a big opportunity, Popeye's salvation lay in his can of spinach. Consider Mental Spinach your secret thought-prompter.

This bite-sized A6 resource is for people of any age and is focused around Four Lenses or perspectives on life. It's the perfect companion for you if you're trying to build something (yourself, your relationships, your career), transition into something new (from sport, between careers) or are just curious and looking to get more out of life. It can be read easily in one sitting and kept as a reference for inspiration or for navigating big decisions.


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Our impact

For us Mental Spinach is not just a book. It's a project. We want our book to have a tangible impact on the lives of its readers. Further, we aim to positively impact the education and lives of children and young adults by donating to charity every dollar you spend on our book or workshops/keynotes.

In 2018 we raised over $15,000 for education charities.

Click here to learn more about our impact and how you can help to share this project.

Charities we’ve raised money for include:

Who are we? 

We're a daughter and father team, sharing our millennial and baby-boomer perspectives as well as our collective experience and research in personal development. We hope Mental Spinach and our other work will encourage you to develop and share with others a way of thinking which fosters greater curiosity, creativity and courage – and more confidence in seeing the amazing extent of the possible in your life. To learn more about us, click below.