A roadmap for life

I really appreciated reading Mental Spinach over the Holiday weekend. Most of us go through life in a unstructured and opportunistic manner - this book provides a roadmap to create a more valued life. There were a number of things in this little gem that compelled me to start/finish reading it over the weekend including  - 

  • the wisdom and experience of Ian combined with the new age creativity and perspectives of Jess reflected in the colourful pages of the book

  • pocketbook size and illustrations not just for reading but also workbook for your life plan

  • the numerous thought provoking powerful questions that this book raises e.g. how would I describe my story to a stranger!

  • the 4 Lenses and particularly the Opportunity and Impact lens

Please, don’t just read this book, pick up a pen and use it to create a more substantial life. I plan to carry it around with me and keep reflecting and continue working on it. Thank you Ian and Jess for this nugget!

John Igoe

Open here in case of emergency

A very structured and intuitive toolkit for all aspects of life. Whilst it is succinct the depth of every page, especially if you take the time to really think about the questions, is huge. There are some tried and true concepts and some new, the format really allowed me to realign my thinking and polish up on the areas I hadn't realised I was neglecting. Thank you Ian and Jess, this book now lives in my backpack and becoming rather familiar with the train.

Rowen Hodge

Emboldens you to change

A very thought provoking and pragmatic guide which emboldens you to tackle your challenges and change your behaviour. Free from jargon it is incisively written and essential reading for ongoing self-development and growth. Thank you Ian and Jess!

Nick Terzis

Motivational and inspiring

A very succinct short book that I found motivational and inspiring. Excellently written, easy to read but hard to put down. I read this book at the beginning of the year, which is perfect timing to start the year with a positive, can do attitude. Highly recommend and hope there’s another book to follow soon.

Sam Petworth

Bite-sized pieces of wisdom!

A wise and inspiring book with snippets of wisdom you can take with you through your day. Gives you things to think about and new ways of thinking about things to enrich your experiences and relationships. Loved this book and love to keep it near by when I need a little inspo!!!

Ash king

Learning from the Best

Dr Pollard is one of the most extraordinary actuaries and business minds of our time, a titan I've always looked up to since I was an actuarial student at Macquarie Uni. And Jess is brilliant in her own right.

In an age filled with mediocre personal development literature and self-proclaimed life coaches, this book stands out by offering concrete insights into how to go about building the life of one's dreams. Hope you find it an enlightening read as I did.

Roger Xie

Almost the meaning of life

Has validated much of what I have learnt over the last 60 years but the trouble is I needed to know THIS STUFF 60 years ago!

Nick Aubrey

 A book of thinking interruptions

It’s just what I like – it’s different. And different in so many ways, which makes it not just different but more like unique.
The first difference is the size. Great for carrying around and reading bits at a time, allowing to reflect on each point.
I’ve never read a book that majors on questions like this one does, in encouraging thinking.
Then there's the use of colour pages instead of all being white. And other stand-outs such as the circle arrows.
The questions keep forcing me to stop reading, and I guess that was your aim – to make us think, not just read.

 John Waddell

A delightful nudge to get back on track

I really enjoyed reading Mental Spinach. I felt like I was having a conversation with a good friend helping me to priorities the one or two habits I should focus on, for now. I love having this handy, little guide available to dip into when I want to work on one new habit to increase my effectiveness, knowing it will help me stay well and happy. Thanks Jess & Ian.

Sally Evans

An entremet for your soul!

I start reading Mental Spinach to nourish my thought process about change in my life. The title was fun enough to challenge my curiosity! The format small enough to fit in my bag to commute to work on my e-bike and to be comfortably read on the ferry. I was also interested by the fact that it is baked by a father and a daughter. Tasty, dynamic, inspiring, you have the feeling that those two, Jess and Ian are talking to you. Each page has a blend of a topic, guidance, challenge, questioning. Each page leads to action. Which I did all along the book. My initial target was very personal, but I got idea to uplift my management, to look at things differently with my kids. 
One more nugget, the $$ are generously given to help a charity.
What am I going to do now (I hate when I finish a book I love!)? I will read some paragraphs with my daughter, and continue the heart story mom and daughter. Thank you Jess, Ian for this little jewel!

Sophie Goujon-Nicolas

Mental Spinach

Thank you Jess and Ian, for sharing your personal knowledge of life. I love the topic, it makes me think we humans need some new set of rules and beliefs to replace the historic religious ones. after finishing the book, i decided i must read it again. you say its a quick read, but i think it must be read slowly. i like the way it continually highlights the importance of conversations - an area i can improve big time! the focus on time, learning and getting out of your comfort zone all resonate with me. 
i dont argue with any comment or proposition - i agree with them all- however its whether one can consciously apply these to one's life on an ongoing basis. the concepts are all clear and simple, but perhaps, therefore easily forgotten, unless you take a committed approach to applying them continually in your life, and its my second, SLOW reading that i hope will deliver this.

Nick Debenham