The Mental Spinach Blast Workshop

90 minutes (plus optional social/networking time)

Welcome to speed reflection and collaboration. This fun session is a great way to get everyone thinking, engaging and opening up – from long-standing colleagues to relative strangers. At the same time each participant creates their own action plan. To learn more about this you can read below or download our workshop PDF.

How many participants? 10-40 people 
Who? Any team or group looking to promote connection, collaboration and personal development. It could be a team just from your organisation, perhaps your leadership team or a group of younger leaders or high-potential specialists. Or this could be a fun, value-added way to get to know your clients better. 

The Basics:

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In this 90-minute workshop we help you put something that’s really important to you under the microscope – in fact a microscope with Four Lenses:

  • the Identity Lens so you’re not “flying blind”,

  • the Opportunity Lens so you’re generating more “luck”,

  • the Impact Lens so you’re working smarter not harder; and

  • the Sustainability Lens to set yourself up for success.

The chosen thing that’s really important to you may be a project (collective or individual) or building a business. Or it may be a life decision or transition. Whatever it is, a Mental Spinach workshop will guide you through a card game that will help you think laterally and creatively about the best way forward. 

The workshops are dynamic and interactive thanks to the Mental Spinach card game. As you move through each round of cards you’ll gain new insights and clarity on what's really going on with your project and identify your best moves going forward. You’ll leave with a different perspective on your most precious resources and at the conclusion of the workshop you'll have committed to an action plan. That action plan may be collective or individual depending on the original objectives.  

What’s involved?


What do you come away with?

- an understanding of the Mental Spinach framework and related tools (valuable for both self-development and wellbeing);

- greater connection and collaboration with others present;

- a clearer path forward on your important project, decision or transition; and

- a complimentary copy of Mental Spinach.

  • The Mental Spinach Four Lenses framework

  • The opportunity pipeline

  • Dimensions of opportunity and opportunity loss

  • Compounding rewards from virtuous cycles

  • The recurrent impacts of habits, mindsets and organisational culture

  • Return for risk

  • Exploring your time, energy and attention as finite daily currencies

  • Expectation gaps and unwarranted perfectionism

  • Collaboration and reciprocity

  • Sustainability and concepts of self-care

Key Topics include:

What’s the experience like?

“The workshop was fantastic in helping us to reflect and to take action which we did as a “team”. It has helped us to set up our vision, our roles and responsibilities, and some clear short-term steps to take into our project! We now have our weekly family/board members catch up, we know what roles we each play and what our long, middle and short-term steps are. We already see the outcomes of the workshop helping our family business, but beyond that it has increased our happiness and delight building something together.”
— Sophie - mother, business owner and brand specialist.
“What I love about the Mental Spinach workshop and framework is that it’s clear, holistic and action-based - I left with a strong sense of purpose and a clear idea of what I needed to do next. Thanks Ian and Jess!”
— Tom, Company Co-Founder
The Mental Spinach Blast Workshop was a very enriching experience. I learned a really useful framework (Mental Spinach Four Lenses) that I can apply in my personal and professional life. What is more, I could network with amazing people from different backgrounds and learned from their experiences. I strongly recommend taking part as it is a really good opportunity to learn more about yourself and your future career.
— Laura, International Business and Economics student