Bring Mental Spinach into your organisation, school or community!

We love bringing the philosophy of Mental Spinach to life through speaking and workshop opportunities. We share our millennial and baby-boomer perspectives, our passion for personal development and our collective experience and research. Our events encourage and inspire participants to explore their own lives and contexts with a particular focus on:

  • the Identity Lens – how to develop a strong compass of self-awareness;
  • the Opportunity Lens – how to generate more ‘luck’;
  • the Impact Lens – how to live and work smarter not harder; and
  • the Sustainability Lens – how to find ways to live and work sustainably and lower the risk of burnout. 

Whether you're in the education, business, not-for-profit or public sector we would enjoy the opportunity to bring the philosophy and tools of Mental Spinach into your organisation. 

Speaking or workshop topics

Team effectiveness in organisations

Team effectiveness in the family 

Navigating transitions

Juggling a busy life

Make your own luck


This varies depending on the context and event. It could range from 30 minutes and questions through to an extended workshop. We can also be flexible to the specific objectives of audiences and events.


In keeping with our philanthropic aims we will not be taking payment for any of our speaking engagements. Where an organisation can afford to pay for our services (eg a major business or a private school), that payment will be made directly by the organisation to a charity of their choice (a possible exception to this principle is reimbursement for any significant postage or travel expenses).