Gamechangers, Lifechangers and the Identity Lens

This is our first blog post so we have decided to start with one of our favourite and most fundamental concepts: GAMECHANGERS and LIFECHANGERS. 

life changer.jpg

Every day there are SIGNALS in your world - you meet a potential partner, you read something that changes your opinion, you react to events in a new way, you put on weight, etc

The SIGNALS you notice and you think have the potential to impact your life in ongoing and at times enormous ways become LIGHTBULBS.

You are then likely to do one of three things with each LIGHTBULB: 

1 Ignore it. Either consciously, because it is not worth pursing, or subconsciously because you are too busy and/or don't have the energy.

2 Convert it into a GAMEGHANGER. It will have a significant impact on your life. This may be through:

  • changing your attitudes and opinions;
  • making life easier;
  • lowering the pressure on you; or
  • increasing your productivity

3 Convert it into a LIFECHANGER. It will fundamentally change your world. It may alter:  

  • the direction of your life or the major relationships in it;
  • core assumptions you make about yourself; or
  •  the way you view your life and engage with it

One great example is the start of any creative or business project: 

Most of us would agree that we would like to experience more Gamechangers and Lifechangers. To do this we first need to be able to spot more Signals and derive from them more Lightbulbs. This is where the Lenses for Life come in and represent our way of exploring your life with you.

For this post we will just focus on the Identity Lens and how it can help you in this task. Your Identity Lens is all the resources and questions you have at your disposal to help you better answer the question of ‘Who am I?’ As you increase your self-awareness (rather than flying blind) by spending more time learning and engaging with these questions, the greater the odds will be that you will be able to spot the signals that impact who you are and how you see yourself .

Some core tools that may help to build this Lens include:

  • What are your priorities?
  • What are your top five values?
  • What mindsets are running your life?
  • What habits are directing your autopilot?
  • Do you keep an eye out for your blind spots?
  • What do you really love doing?
  • What gives you a sense of purpose?
  • What are your strengths?

This project is our way of exploring your life with you, to help you spot and act upon more Gamechangers and Lifechangers in the world around you.