Have you ever experienced that feeling when you arrive home in your car and you can’t remember thinking about driving at all? Total auto-pilot. This can easily become our go-to mode through life as the ‘to do’s’ and ‘laundry list of things’ stack up giving most of us little time to pause.

We want you to stop. Take a breath. Ask So What?

This is a site dedicated to reflection and taking the time to think more deeply about your life. We are wary of living in non-stop auto-pilot and hope to encourage you to begin to feed your curiosity to look around to and ask ‘so what’.

The Four Lenses for Life

Around three years ago we got together to start writing a brief book (as a sequel to Ian's book 'Investing In Your Life') on personal development. As we started to collaborate and share ideas from our different backgrounds what we noticed was that most research we read could be filtered into the four different areas of identity, opportunity, impact and sustainability. This is how we stumbled upon the Four Lenses For Life. So, over the years we have continued to collect ideas relating to these four categories and this blog is our way to share some of those ideas, tools and resources.

What excites us about creating a Four Lens approach to thinking about your life is that it can streamline and simplify your thinking without you losing any dexterity and richness. Whether it’s your thinking in-the-moment or how you navigate big decisions, looking at each context or situation through the Four Lenses can be a simple and creative reflective exercise.

Creating a framework like this to categorise different ideas on life is important as there is now such a high volume of ideas, but no simple way to string them together into one coherent way of thinking. That is why we get so excited about the power of the Four Lenses. Even with a tough decision in front of you simply looking through each lens can allow for a reflective process that is both creative and strategic. Apart from the joy of sharing life philosophies and stories as father and daughter, creating a simple and powerful way of thinking that you can apply to your life is the major motivation for this collaboration.

It can be as simple as asking yourself: How does the decision at hand or experience I’m in relate to my:

  • Sense of identity? Can it help me to build a strong compass of self-awareness (rather than flying blind).
  • Ability to spot and create Opportunities? So I can be exposed to more self-generated “luck” (rather than being “unlucky”).
  • Ability to make an Impact? So I can find ways to live and work smarter (rather than harder).
  • Journey to find a Sustainability lifestyle? So I can find insights and the adaptability to live and work sustainably (rather than risking burnout).

Our passion is learning and creating conversations surrounding how people build better, brighter and more energised lives.